Drill Design

I design drill for outdoor and indoor ensembles of all sizes and competitive backgrounds. I'll work with you and your entire design team to create a visual package that fits your ensemble's exact needs and performance capabilities. I focus on "the big picture" by creating unique storyboarded moments that drive the overall effect of each show I design. From there, the moments are connected in a way that is logical and flows in a way that gives the entire show a connected throughline.


I offer winds choreography via recorded video for bands with little movement training to those with extensive movement training. I will send the choreography within two weeks of sending the drill for a particular movement of drill. Your members can start learning the choreography at home even if you are not ready to implement it in rehearsal. If I am not writing your drill, I will send the videos via Google Drive links within 72 hours of receiving the drill charts, audio file, and music score for a particular movement of your show. 

Instructional clinics

The clinics I put on focus heavily on body control, basic movement skills, and marching fundamentals. I also offer spring time clinics to get a jump start on the fall season. Sessions should include your incoming freshmen as a way to introduce them to the standards for the fall season. I make these sessions fun but informative. I get completely booked months in advance! Book early!